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How We Got Here

We opened Goemon Ramen bar in Aug 2014 and despite the competitive restaurant industry in Brighton,we are happy to be able to say we are still here, serving ramen to our loyal and passionate customers. Our loyal customer base has increased year on year, and though having plenty of customers is great for business, we recognise that busy periods and waiting times are not always ideal for those wanting to come in for a bite to eat. To avoid upsetting any customers we have been plotting and thinking about what we can do for them to combat the wait. We trialed and tested a delivery service, though found this compromised the quality of our ramen - something that is out of the question and against our policy of serving the best possible bowl of ramen for each and every customer. Finally, a solution came to us. We decided to challenge ourselves to create a make-at-home ramen meal kit. This allows us to serve ramen that meets the quality of our original recipe, but with a bit of cooking help from customers in their own home. The kit means any of our customers can tuck into a warming bowl of our ramen at their own convenience, without having to face queues or stepping out into the cold winter weather! It is with our warmest wishes that we hope you enjoy our new venture. Taking this step might involve a few mishaps and disorganisation on our part. But in return for your understanding and patience we will dedicate ourselves to bringing you the best bowl of ramen we can make.

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